Uyghur Skier Missing – A Uyghur competitor who turned into the essence of China’s Winter Games in the wake of lighting the Olympic fire at the Opening Ceremony has ‘vanished’ from the spotlight.

Designer Yilamujiang, 20, from the Altay Prefecture in Northern Xinjiang, completed 43rd in her cross-country skiathon Olympic introduction on Saturday and has since evaporated from the spotlight.
She unobtrusively got away after the occasion close by three other Chinese competitors through a ‘blended zone’, which permits competitors to go through without addressing inquiries from the media.

Ms. Yilamujiang, who is the main competitor of Uyghur legacy, turned into the primary focal point of the Olympics following her dubious appearance at the Opening Ceremony – which privileges bunches have since condemned for ‘giving a political message’.

Following her noticeable appearance on TV, state media ran recordings of Ms. Yilamujiang’s family cheering and applauding as they watched the function onscreen – which many guaranteed was organized.

Chinese movie chief Zhang Yimou, the man behind the awesome Beijing 2008 opening function, which additionally occurred in the Birds Nest arena, planned the occasion – promising it would be a striking and remarkable method for lighting the Olympic fire.’
Beijing Olympics coordinators declined to remark on Ms. Yilamujiang’s vanishing at a public interview on Saturday – yet the IOC affirmed blended zone rules stay set up despite the pandemic, as indicated by the WSJ.

In an article distributed by the Communist Party-run Xinjiang Daily, Ms. Yilamujiang said: ‘China has done all that could be within reach for me, and what is left for me to do now is to prepare hard and carry brilliance to the country.’

During one more video posted by the paper, Ms. Yilamujiang’s mom added: ‘On account of the country for giving my girl such a significant mission.’

Because of cases that Ms. Yilamujiang’s consideration was a political position, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said she reserved ‘each option to partake.

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