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Four persons from the Chicago region who have been observed dead in an SUV that burst into blazes after the car hit a cargo train early Wednesday in south rural Phoenix have been distinguished, authorities said.

The driver, Jeremy Robinson, 37, of Riverdale, and the travelers Xavier Moore, 23, of Chicago, Tieasha Rush, 28, of Chicago, and Jada Moore, 39, of Chicago were killed, said Jason Baumann, a representative for the city of Harvey and the Harvey police.

Harvey police and firemen answered the train tracks at East 155th Street and South Halsted Avenue in the wake of being reached by Phoenix police around 2 a.m. for a report of a car colliding with the last rail car of a moving CSX cargo train, Baumann said.

For an obscure explanation, the car, a 2018 Dodge Durango, passed through the defensive door that prevents cars from going on the tracks and hit the last rail car of the train as it was cruising by.

Baumann said the CSX cargo train “was just about completed the process of going through the tracks at that spot, and they hit the finish of the train.”

The SUV lit on fire upon sway and was found on fire when specialists showed up. The fire was extinguished, and the four inhabitants were expired.

The SUV was taken to the Harvey Police Department where casualties were removed from the car. The Cook County clinical inspector’s office was involved, and the groups of the four who died have been advised.

No different wounds were accounted for, and Baumann said there are no indications of treachery.

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