Tina Schermerhorn Obituary

The Vernon County Sheriff’s Office distinguished the two people tracked down dead at a home in the Town of Coon Sunday.

As indicated by a delivery, 47-year-old Tina Schermerhorn and 48-year-old Rick Schermerhorn were tracked down dead at a home on County Road P north of Westby and Coon Valley.

The Sheriff’s Office said that they got an emergency call at 8:47 p.m. on June 19 about potential self-destruction. Representatives found Tina Schermerhorn dead of a self-incurred shot injury. Afterward, agents found Rick Schermerhorn dead of numerous discharge wounds. There is no continuous risk to people in general, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The Vernon County Coroner’s Office is helping with the examination. Coon Valley First Responders and Tri-State Ambulance helped at the scene.

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