Severino Reyes Death – Recently, a few accolades have been posted online using Google Doodle. Indeed, Google referenced many people who were extremely conspicuous yet tragically died. In the rundown of various individuals, Severino Reyes was additionally referenced by Google. Ordinarily, Google referenced him on Google Doodle on his 161st birth commemoration.
The bright doodle portrays a scene with Reyes and situated “Lola Basyang” recounting stories to little youngsters. Allow us additionally to let you know that Lola Basyang is a pseudonym by Reyes for Liwayway magazine. This, however, he was likewise well-conspicuous as the “Father of Tagalog plays”.
What Was Severino Reyes Cause of Death?
Many people know him by this name since he has composed zarzuelas and dramatizations. Discussing his awful passing, he died in 1942. Presently, Google said “The present Doodle praises the 161st birthday of Filipino creator and writer Severino Reyes.
Generally viewed as the ‘Father of Filipino Drama,’ Reyes isn’t just globally eminent for his popular zarzuelas, Spanish-impacted works of sensational melodic theater, yet additionally for his now-exemplary assortment of Tagalog stories. His accounts, loaded with apparently antiquated insight, turned out to be such an essential piece of Philippine society that the name Lola Basyang is as yet utilized today to depict a grandma who loves recounting stories”.
Discussing his own life, his genuine name is Severino Reyes y Rivera and he was brought into the world on eleventh February 1861. Alongside it, he was a Filipino author, writer, and overseer of plays.
Alongside it, many individuals are enthusiastically holding back to know more information about his own life, Let us let you know that he weds to his cherished companion Maria Paz Puato and the two of them had 17 kids together.
Tragically, the amazing author has passed on the 14th of September 1942. We are additionally appealing to God for his resting soul and giving our petitions to him and his relatives who recall him on his 161st birth commemoration.

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