Miley Cyrus Wardrobe Accident New Years VideoDetail: Talk about acquiring the New Year with a glimmer.
Miley Cyrus swaggered her direction through a closet breakdown when her top almost tumbled off while performing “Party in the USA” on her live extraordinary “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.”
The 29-year-old was at that point holding her top when she began the melody yet was scarcely ready to complete the principal line before watchers could see that one of the lashes had flown off.

Cyrus dismissed it and was a complete genius by rapidly turning her back to the group — which probably helped NBC executives inhale a moan of alleviation.

She even kept singing as she swaggered topless towards the rear of the stage for a speedy change.

The Happy Hippie organizer had support from her band and reinforcement vocalists who didn’t overlook anything and made a big difference for the show.
Cyrus was off stage for under 30 seconds before returning in a red jacket she had worn before in the show.

“Everyone’s most certainly taking a gander at me now,” she joked, somewhat correcting the verses to “Party in the USA” as a source of perspective to the closet breakdown as the group cheered.

“I’m as yet in the most garments that I’ve at any point worn in front of an audience,” she added, apparently unflinching by the episode.

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