Marblehead MA Car Accident

A solitary fender bender on the boulevard has ended the existence of a Marblehead high schooler.

Eighteen-year-old James Galante passed on Friday evening of wounds supported in the early morning accident.

Police and Fire answered at 3 a.m. Friday to a report of a car that had gone off the boulevard. Lord said in a delivery posted Friday morning that they found the car rapidly mostly down the thoroughfare on the harbor side. It was widely harmed with just a single male inside.

Galante was “treated on scene and shipped by rescue car to a neighborhood clinic with genuine wounds.” Later King said the coordination among the police, fire, and rescue cars was extraordinary. Moving that ocean divider to stack him into the emergency car took coordination and participation among every person on call.

In a subsequent proclamation delivered late Friday early evening time King expressed, “for the whole Marblehead Police Department, I might want to give our sincerest sympathies to the family and friends and family of 18-year-old James Galante, of Marblehead, who shockingly died this evening from his wounds experienced in an engine car crash early earlier today.” King said Galante’s passing would most likely extraordinarily affect Marblehead’s tightknit local area. He said they are working intimately with the Marblehead School District to guarantee understudies and staff will have the help required in the next few long periods.

Furthermore, he requests that the Galante family be given their protection “during this troublesome time.”

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