Malik Alim Death – Malik Alim, my companion and friend, and for the last year my co-schemer on the Under the Tree digital broadcast, kicked the bucket Friday morning in a sailing mishap at Fox Lake, Illinois. We join his family and his confidants at the #LetUsBreathe aggregate, Chicago Votes, the Chicago Community Bond Fund, and the bigger BLM and reformist development in grieving this appalling misfortune to our local area and the world.

A few subtleties are crude, however, this is the thing that I think I know as of now: The mishap happened on August 20 around 10 am. His two little youngsters were with him on a cylinder being towed by a powerboat when the cylinder flipped over. The children had life coats on and sprung up—and they weren’t genuinely stung. Malik won’t ever surface.

Kristiana Colon, his accomplice, was in the boat and went into the water for the children. Malik’s body was recuperated Sunday morning.

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