Lakewood Scoop Accident

We lament to educate you regarding the Petirah of R’ Feivy Mandel Z” L, of Lakewood, who was niftar in toward the beginning of today’s mishap in Lakewood.
R’ Feivy Z” L (Meshulem Feivish) leaves behind his significant other (Nee Brickman) and five youngsters. He was 33. The two guardians are initially from Brooklyn.
As per onlookers, a vehicle was speeding down Route 9 when it struck R’ Feivy’s turning vehicle, launching him from the vehicle.
He was niftar at the scene.
The Levaya is planned to occur at 4:30 PM at the seventh Street Chapel, 613 Ramsey Avenue, with Kevurah in Floral Park, Deans.

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