Kim Schrock Liberty Hill Car AccidentCause of Death: Kim Schrock, of Liberty Hill, Texas, and her young lady Payton Schrock, a Liberty Hill group advertiser, was related to a grievous minor collision on Saturday morning, August 28, at 281.

Payton died from wounds upheld in the minor collision, while Kim was in fundamental condition anyway is at this point alive.

This death has caused a ton of friends and family of Schrock a lot of damages. The lamenting soul that concerned individuals have taken to social media to share honors for the terminated and feelings to the affected family.

You may use the comment section underneath to leave an affirmation on the death of Schrock. To teach other social friends and relatives about this passing, you may use any of the social media shares affixes under.

More information on the death of Schrock will be invigorated as we get it. Official death publications will be made by the family of the lapsed.

Family security should be respected at this sad time. Our considerations and petitions are with everyone impacted by the death of Schrock.



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