Karissa Rajpaul Death – Police are looking for additional victims of an associated mother-child couple reported for performing illegal butt infusion augmentations that resulted in the death of a hopeful adult entertainer.

Karissa Rajpaul, 26, died after a series of infusions by a lady known as La Tia. She is blamed along with her girl for carrying out these activities even though they were not licensed and enrolled their patients on Instagram, specialists said.

“This is how she would advertise it, everyone knows her as La Tía,” says Bob Dinlocker, a homicide detective for the LAPD Valley Bureau.

There have been two sacks on defense. Libby Adame and her daughter, Alicia Gomez, are charged with working at Rajpaul, police said. In addition, the police accept that many more victims were treated with a liquid silicone mixture than when it hits the circulatory system, it attacks the heart, brain, and kidneys, police said.

“These are extremely dangerous and unlicensed clinical practices that are multiplying through web-based media,” says LAPD Deputy Director Alan Hamilton, adding that he accepts that victims are reluctant to approach due to shame.

“We need these victims to come closer, as we need to see if there are different victims who are deformed forever or may have died due to a part of this methodology and may have been victims of a criminal demonstration,” he says.

The team of mothers and girls allegedly would move their clinical supplies to private homes without respecting any possibility of crisis, police said. Also, if something wrong happened, the suspects would disappear, passing paramedics to show up in a dark health-related crisis, police said.

The police say that in case you are a survivor of this, regardless of how humiliating it is to admit it, they need to hear from you. You can contact the LAPD Valley Bureau’s Homicide Division at 818-374-9550, you can go online and call 1-877-LAPD (5273) – 247.

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