Jeremy Vine Bike Accident

Jeremy plant was raced to the emergency clinic in the wake of tumbling from his Victorian bike and being left oblivious.
The moderator was left wearing a bruised eye when he arrived on his head in the wake of being flipped from his penny-farthing.
Regardless of wearing a cap, the TV moderator was oblivious for two minutes and ambiguous for around an hour after the episode.
Reviewing the accident on his Channel 5 show Jeremy Vine On 5 on Wednesday, Vine – who was on video interface from his nursery and had the camera zoom into his bruised eye – said: “When you’re on it, you’re eight-foot up.
“I was on grass, with nobody around, and I think this occurred: didn’t see the divot, front-wheel went into it, over the handlebars, arrived on my head and a group accumulated.
The 56-year-old added: “When I went to A&E, they said you’re fine however you’re fortunate.”
The telecaster, who demanded ‘generally’s very much said he was lucky to just be left with the ‘amazing bruised eye’ and a couple of throbbing painfulness. He says he had a cerebrum and spine examine, as well as his heart, checked in the emergency clinic.
He added that the medical clinic staff let him know they had up until recently never composed ‘riding a penny-farthing’ as the reason for a physical issue.
The host is one of just two people who own penny-farthings in London, as per his discussion show, which included a section Wednesday’s episode for guests to talk about whether he should now quit any pretense of cycling by and large. Watchers were left partitioned.
The plant was shot with the bicycle in late 2021 when he joined cycling campaigners on Chiswick High Road’s disputable C9 cycle path, which is undesirable by numerous occupants.

Last year he created such ruckus via social media when he posted a video of a family of cyclists riding four side by side, that Surrey Police became involved.

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