Jamie Lynn Daughter Accident – For the initial time, Jamie Lynn Spears is sharing subtleties from her girl’s close deadly ATV accident.

In February 2017, Jamie Lynn, 30, and her girl Maddie, presently 13, were at her significant other Jamie Watson’s folks’ home, where Maddie went for a ride on her ATV. Some way or another, the ATV wound up lowered in a lake on the property, with Maddie tied into it. Marvelously, Maddie experienced no mind harm and made due.

In her new journal Things I Should Have Said, Jamie Lynn offers a chilling record of the frightening trial and Maddie’s incredible recuperation, which is excerpted solely underneath.

The specialist on call got in the water similarly as the ATV was hauled from the lake. He lifted Maddie out and laid her down close to me. She was oblivious, her body stretched, her face enlarged and shockingly blue. The EMT began CPR. Nothing was working – not the compressions or the constrained inundation of air. No reaction. Silently the EMT snatched her inert body, flipped it over, and started beating on her back. I knew what I had recently seen. My girl’s dead body.

Momma was in California. I heard Ms. Holly [her spouse Jamie Watson’s mother] say, “Lynne, Maddie’s not with us any longer.” I was killed by the trouble as tears spilled down my face. I rose. My child was in the rescue vehicle. The motor turned over and before I realized what was going on, the truck sped not too far off. One of the firefighters said, “They got a heartbeat.”

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