Greg Louganis Head Injury

Greg Louganis realized something was off when his feet left the springboard. It was September 19, 1988, and the U.S. jumper who had won two golds at the past Olympics was contending in the primers at the Seoul Olympic Games. He later described to ABC’s Barbara Walters that he knew it “would have been close since I could feel it in my own body. What I was worried about was hitting my hands, so I came out wide so the board would go by, and I wouldn’t hit it. I began emerging from the jump and I heard this huge empty crash… ”

That “large empty crash” was the rear of Louganis’ head, which slammed into the springboard after his body had turned in more than two somersaults and afterward unfurled to meet the water. After a specialist applied four joins to his injury, Louganis had the option to get back to the plunging board and finish the round in the third spot. He proceeded to win the gold award and become the principal man to win consecutive Olympic golds in both the springboard and stage jumping occasions.

Yet, what had at first given off an impression of being a clear rebound story turned out to be more muddled when Louganis uncovered seven years after the fact that he was gay and that he had been determined to have HIV a half year before the 1988 Games.

Some condemned the way that Louganis hadn’t uncovered his finding at that point. “I think Greg reserved the privilege to not let anybody know that he was HIV-positive, yet (he ought to) tell the truth and fair with the specialist who treated him. The specialist was in danger. He ought to have told him,” U.S. Olympian Wendy Lucero, who contended in the springboard rivalry following the men’s occasion in Seoul, told the Los Angeles Times after Louganis’ 1995 meeting.

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