Girl Accidentally Shoots Cousin Twitter

Two young cousins were living spilling from a St. Louis space when one girl mortally shot the other before ending it all in what the future held as a horrible accident.

Police are at this point investigating Friday’s event in which a 12-year-old Girl, Paris Harvey, shot a 14-year-old girl, Kuaron Harvey, before shooting herself. Police right away depicted it as a crime implosion.
“It was everything except a situation where they were battling or anything like that,” said Dyson, who is from the Dallas locale. “They were playing with the weapon when they shouldn’t have been. They shouldn’t have gotten it going. I think it just went off. It went off unintentionally.”
Family members said the cousins had been raised almost each other. Kuaron’s mother and Paris’ father are kinfolks.

Paris and Kuaron were far off from every other person in a bathroom making a video in the mirror before the shooting happened. Yet again family members said that after Kuaron was shot, the video showed Paris pursuing the gun and it could have coincidentally gone off. They said they acknowledged the gun was Kuaron’s. The two young ladies were shot in the head.

“It was no murder. It was everything except implosion,” said Chinese Harvey, 35, Paris’ mother. “It was a peculiarity accident. It ended up working.”

Harvey said she had not seen the video anyway family members had depicted it to her. She said the cousins were “endeavoring to be unreasonably hip.”

Paris and Kuaron Harvey were habitually together making accounts and pulling stunts. Family members said Paris, who was one of nine adolescents, was an engaging seventh-grader who esteemed completing her hair and nails and had a superb voice. They depicted Kuaron as a senseless eighth-grader who had for a long while had the choice to do turn-around flips.

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