Dylan Ehler Found

Walking through the little cabin in Truro, N.S., there are indications of three-year-old Dylan Ehler all over the place; his work graph on the divider, his drawings, and his photos. The uncontrollable young man’s room is as yet set up and sitting tight for him to get back home.

Dylan disappeared, nearly without a follow from his grandma’s patio on May 6, 2020. Each second from that point forward has been distress for his mom, Ashley Brown, and his dad, Jason Ehler.

According to highlighting a heap of enveloped presents by the lounge, Jason, “Those are generally Dylan’s Christmas presents, birthday presents, and my presents. I won’t open a present again until he’s found. Dylan is as yet absent. There is no god. I asked so often. There’s simply nothing.”

Any person who has at any point failed to focus on their kid, in any event, for simply a small part of a second, knows the fear that sets in. Jason and Ashley have been living with that unbearable inclination for the beyond a year and a half. With destroys streaming her face, Ashley says, “We couldn’t say whether he was taken. We couldn’t say whether he suffocated. We couldn’t say whether he’s alive. We are simply caught in an in-between state.”

The main proof at any point found is Dylan’s rain boots, found six hours after his vanishing, lowered in a creek behind his grandma’s neighbor’s home.

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