Boy Falls from Ride in Orlando Full Video

“I’m as yet in shock that it worked out,” an observer by the name of Ivan said.
Thursday should be a normal evening to remember for Ivan and his friends. They chose to look at the new Free Fall ride at ICON Park.
Ivan, who chose not to go on the ride, had his mobile phone out to record video of his friends’ responses.
He wound up catching the ride completely including before it took off, during the drop, and what happened quickly a while later.
Ivan said he didn’t understand that 14-year-old Tire Sampson fell during the specific second that it occurred since his eyes were fixed on his friends.
“At the point when I heard that he was 14 years of age, my heart sank,” Ivan said. “I’m grief-stricken about it.”
Ivan said his friends were only two seats from Tire.
It is as yet being scrutinized the way that the Boy fell by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.
Ivan said there were warnings before the ride even took off. In his video, you can see one of his friends question the ride limitations.
Ivan said she was getting some information about an extra safety belt.
“In many rides, you have the bridle that pulls down on you. However, you likewise have the extra auxiliary safety belt,” he said. “This doesn’t have that. What’s more, it’s unsettling, particularly being another ride not to have that.”
Around 30 seconds after the Tire falls, ride workers, get some information about the Boy’s saddle.
Different workers answer her that they checked his tackle and that the light was on. Ivan said each seat has a light that demonstrates assuming the saddle is set up.

Ivan said his prayers go out to the family.

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