Akwa Ibom Student Viral

An understudy of the Akwa Ibom State University has apologized for her viral video.
The video, which moved via virtual entertainment a couple of days back, highlighted the understudy and her male accomplice.
Talking in another video on Friday, the understudy said, “I’m making this video to apologize to my companions, my family, particularly Akwa Ibom State University, my school. Please accept my apologies about the moving video, the bare that is wherever via online entertainment. This video happened quite a while in the past, an extremely quite a while in the past.
I didn’t realize it would come out now to torment me and the rest. Please accept my apologies. If it’s not too much trouble, pardon me. This video is a long way from me, a long way from me as of now. I’m beseeching all of you, kindly pardon me and save my life and help me. I’m going through a great deal in light of every one of these… intellectually and in any case.

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