91-DIVOC Meaning In HebrewOverview of 91-DIVOC: I’m worn out on Fear, Anxiety, Irritation, Frustration, Depression, and Discouragement spinning out of control and appearing to “Win the Day” of late. Thus, to battle those frightful spirits I amenably, yet plentifully, propose we switch things up! Rather than zeroing in on COVID-19 and the adverse consequence, it has had on our World giving so many of us faces this way…

Last things first… how about we trade 19 to 91 because 91 is a brilliant number. My sweet grandma is right now living her 91st year after praising her 90th Birthday last November. She is in a Care Facility (appreciative holler to Tuff Memorial Home in Hills, MN) and my neighborhood family in the Midwest can just visit her through her window while calling to talk. Similar to visiting her in a zoo made for individuals. 🙂

Blessedly another alternative is to cooperate with her online as she is dynamic on Facebook and her office is incredible about posting fun photos of her and every one of its occupants. This Grandma of mine (who is a Great-Great Grandma, multiple times over) isn’t disturbed about the lockdown. Maybe she is seeing the positive in what extraordinary consideration she gets and how they are dealing with her like a sovereign. She is feeling ruined as they serve her dinners in her room and bring espresso and treats in the early evening, also. She messes with the staff and appreciates making individuals giggle and grin.

It is a True Joy to converse with her and hear her lilting voice with that snicker simply standing by to escape at the principal opportunity. Her unfailing harmony and delight during this season of difficulty/lockdown is a motivation to me, my family, and numerous others in the Tuff Home.

91 is additionally the scriptural location of one of my #1 Psalms and one that is exceptionally soothing to peruse in a period of trouble, or whenever, besides. Might I recommend you begin to turn the tables by airing out you’re Bible, or starting up your Bible App, and giving it a read? I further recommend reciting it so anyone can hear and in any event, customizing the sacred writing, which means making it “I/me” so you Hear God’s Declaration over Your Life and the existences of your family and friends and family. Here are the initial 4 stanzas –

It might assist with perusing it every day or much more than one time each day. Maybe read it when you emerge and just before you head to sleep. It will assist with setting your heart and brain on a Refuge of Safety that can’t be shaken, regardless the news says. If that Refuge is muddled, Ummm, that would be GOD. 😉 if you haven’t met Him, He is hanging tight for you and standing by to be all that these four sections above call out and needs to cherish on you in manners you can’t envision.

Alright, presently for its remainder… rather than COVID, we should switch it to DIVOC and make it an abbreviation, similar to this:

  1. Divine
  2. Vast
  3. Triumph
  4. Over
  5. Turmoil

DOC, pleasant! Something simple to say to address an uplifting perspective, particularly combined with Psalm 91. I explicitly chose Chaos for the “C” rather than COVID because what’s going on in our reality isn’t only the actual infection, however more so the aftereffects of managing it on many levels. Individuals are encountering many types of Chaos from Fake News Fears to Health Issue Worries to Missing Jobs/Paychecks. Other than that, I simply didn’t have any desire to give that “C” word any more consideration (it’s getting very prideful in its panic-based manipulation).



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